Regarding your question about what to put in your presentation: -learn how things work (i.e. what these buttons do, etc) -tips & techniques (e.g. layering, textures, brushes, etc) -general types (if there's such a thing) of design/ styles of layouting and how to achieve them using Photoshop :)

Noted. Thank you so much! :)

Awhile ago my prof asked me if I could teach my classmates the basics of design/photoshop tomorrow. I said yes.

I’m going to do my powerpoint presentation later and the class begins at 7 (cramming at its finest), but I don’t know what to put. And it’s my first time to do this so I’m really nervous. If you were my classmate what do you want to learn about or what do you expect to learn after I give a presentation on the basics of photoshop and design?

Freshman Year

It was 2:00 AM when I remembered the draft that I made last April 2014. I thought I wouldn’t be able to post this because I was afraid… until I stopped caring what people think. (Well, I still do but whatever) And I think this deserves to be posted because… idk lol. I learned a lot from my experiences back then. I wouldn’t be “myself” or as free today if it weren’t for these stuff that I endured. 

Anyway, the draft’s entitled Freshman Year


It was my freshman year. Everything seemed new for I wasn’t actually residing in Manila but Laguna. I was nervous, not knowing what to do during the first weeks of college: how to socialise, make friends, survive, get used to the Manila lifestyle. 

It wasn’t a good start. Though I made friends. I didn’t finish the Freshman Walk. Went home (or condo) did I as I walked into the Arch. I was crying as I watched my fellow freshmen from the window, cheering and stuff. My first month wasn’t that good, and I missed my high school life and my friends so much. I became a bit better as July came, though it was still as bland as the first. Happy that I was being responsible for my school work, but it was just too much knowing that I was starting to lose my social life. It took me months to become closer with few of my college friends. Yes, it was that long for me to be comfortable with someone. Fast forward to semester break. First semester was the time where I decided to go deeper in my comfort zone rather than outside. Although, second semester changed all of it.

Semester break, or as I call it, Pre-2nd Semester, I realised I was too ignorant to not care about it — sexuality. Not that I was homophobic or what. It’s just that I didn’t pay attention to myself that much, didn’t ponder about that I was having an identity crisis. Knowing that I was attracted to the same sex. I kept on rejecting of who I was, but all doubts and rejections ended when people I knew started to come out. They gave me the courage to do the same. First I claimed myself as “not straight”, then “bisexual”, and finally Gay. Though I didn’t come out to everyone yet. Just selective people, mostly from the university. I felt happy for my sexuality had been a huge factor in my comfort zone. It helped me to progress as I slowly try to come out of my shell. I started gaining more friends, but that’s when the downfall of my grades began. Not because my friends were bad influences, but because I was carried away by the fact that I had once again retrieved a part of my social life. It was also when I let go of the High School phase, and I’ve never felt better. You could still be with your high school friends only if you choose them to continue staying in your life. High School friends are forever. 


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