never mind sa credits hahahaha ay paano ba i-block yung source? thank you nga pala sa pag-answer ng question ko :)

i-block? sa permalink mo lang siya makikita pero kung gusto mo alisin. Delete mo to

                {block:ContentSource}<a href="{SourceURL}" target="_blank" class="source"><div class="source_icon"></div>Source</a>{/block:ContentSource}
                {block:RebloggedFrom}<a href="{ReblogParentURL}" target="_blank" class="via"><div class="via_icon"></div>Via</a>{/block:RebloggedFrom}

nope i'm using the old one :( where can i get the codes man (yung bago)?

It’s still the same link! Haha. Inuupdate ko lang ‘yung codes.

bakit po kahit anong scroll to top codes ayaw gumana sa utopia v2?

Talaga? :O try ko maglagay ng scroll to top button

is the font "bebas neue" applicable to all browsers?

It depends upon the code. You have to code when you want to use a non-standard font (called @font-face). I haven’t done it yet, though.

ano po bang link nung theme maker nyo?

Gumagawa lang ako ng bagong blog tapos buburahin ko lahat ng codes para magstart from scratch. :)

Paano po ba gumawa ng page? I mean like Photosets, personal,etc.

You mean tags? Maglagay ka lang ng tags mo sa post e.g. #photography. Tapos kung gusto mo maglagay ng page na may tag na photography:

The display picture is yours with no credit at all? Don't you want to file a complaint?

Apparently, yes. Trying to work on it. I made two artworks about #PrayForSouthKorea: The one having the watermark of our organization and the one without it. And I could distinguish which is which because of the placements. In the icon, they took it from the organization. They cropped the picture so the watermark wouldn’t be seen. That’s just too much.

However, I saw other posts that were taken from mine (the one without watermark). It’s also my fault because I didn’t put my own watermark (Lesson learned). The only way they got it was from here on my Tumblr and Twitter, they must have taken the photo before I took it away (on Tumblr, I didn’t remove it on Twitter though).

Didn&#8217;t expect they&#8217;d use my artwork as an icon, because last night some were offended and found it somehow insensitive, which wasn&#8217;t my intention. So I decided to delete it. 

Didn’t expect they’d use my artwork as an icon, because last night some were offended and found it somehow insensitive, which wasn’t my intention. So I decided to delete it. 

As much as I want to, why is it so hard to step out of the comfort zone? Most of my nights I spent over-thinking have something to do with what’s beyond it.

I don't want to sound like a hater but I feel like that logo might not be appropiate. Portraying the ship sinking in their own flag. The ship where hundreds of people were trapped. Uhm?...I currently live in South Korea and I have friends who have people they knew in that ship so probably seeing that would make them more sad. I know it wasn't your intention but you know...

No, it wasn’t. I’m sorry. Haven’t thought of it that way.